The Robots are already here

Now it’s time to learn to use them.

Industries and homes are becoming more and more reliant on autonomous mobile platforms (AMPs), or as the world loves to call them “Robots”.  Careers exist in this field that were considered science fiction less than ten years ago, so how can you get in on the ground floor?

Simple.  By learning.  We believe the best way to learn is through programmed self-education, and 7-Red has the tools you need to get started.

What we offer

7-Red has put together a range of kits and finished products, starting with the most basic wheeled platform called “Meerkat”, which almost any home or school can afford. Designed for children and adults alike, Meerkat can be assembled in around an hour, and comes with everything you need. We can even supply the batteries!

But it’s not a toy, this is a powerful programming and learning platform. Meerkat can perform basic navigation over open ground.

When you’re ready to start exploring other worlds, we have “Titan”. The first thing you notice is that Titan is huge! But the gold anodised chassis isn’t just for show. Titan drives it’s large caterpillar tracks with four motors, controlled by an intelligent processor that’s as powerful (an programmable) as the entire Meerkat control system

Titan was designed for experimenting with autonomous machines. It features GPS Navigation, a compass, accelerometer and high-definition camera. The software is built around the proven Robot Operating System (ROS), and runs on it’s own 5-core, dual-CPU ARM board.

And there’s more to come

Meerkat and Titan are just the beginning. Follow us on Social Media to keep up with all our new announcements.